• Fall Lessons 2023

    August 17th, 2023 Greetings music lovers, I have restructured the way I offer music lessons. I now operate in a semester framework, where students sign up for an entire semester, which each semester concluding with a performance opportunity. All the details are provided on the new Lessons page. Please read that page through and then […]

  • Summer Schedule

    July 7th 2023 Happy 7/7 y’all, Wishing you well from sunny Florida, just north of Miami. I’m here enjoying some time in and around the city, and envisioning the next steps. In July and August, aside from teaching music, I’ll be finishing my tiny home build near Erin, Ontario, as well as working on my […]

  • Welcome

    June 29, 2023 I’ve returned to my old domain name, silvanimusic.ca, which I used years ago for my teaching as well as wedding and event music. I’ve retired my more recent music website, songstream.art. With my music teaching I’m going to focus more on the private instruction in conjunction with producing recitals for students to […]