Thomas Gerald Silvani is a music and healing arts educator with 20 years of experience teaching individuals in private instruction, as well as group classes. He earned a BA in Music (graduating at the top of his class at University of Guelph, awarded the College of Arts medal in 2008), followed by an MA in Music Composition from York University where he studied with guitar greats Lorne Lofsky and Brian Katz. His Masters thesis was entitled “Play! Music for Two Guitars” where he researched performance practice, drew from the spiritual traditions of Daoism, Buddhism, and yoga, and emphasized achieving flow state in musical practice and performance. He ran a successful wedding music business for over 5 years, performing solo and managing small ensembles to perform for ceremonies and cocktail hours. As a teacher, he is highly valued for his kind and empathetic demeanour, and he has helped countless music students find and foster their unique musical voices.

Thomas also teaches qigong and sitting meditation. That work can be found at