Private Music Lessons

Thomas provides private music instruction in guitar (classical, jazz, pop & rock, singer-songwriter styles), ukulele, bass guitar, beginner piano (up to piano level 3), music theory, composition, and musicianship.

New Students

Thomas provides a free 30 minute online consultation for new students. In this session, we will assess the student’s experience and aspirations in music and develop an outline for moving forward with the lessons. Email Thomas at songstream@pm.me to set up a consultation. After the consultation, the student can book a single follow-up lesson or commit to a semester of studies (see below).

Three Semesters (Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer)

As a teacher of music for 20 years, Thomas has a deep understanding of the learning process and understands the need for regular practice and meetings with one’s teacher. As a result, he now works with students in a semester format where, over the length of a semester, certain musical goals are worked on. At the end of each semester, there is a performance opportunity, allowing the student to express to the outer world all that he has cultivated during the semester, thus completing a a cycle of a healthy musical life.

Details: Once the student decides to move forward with lessons, a contract is signed which commits the student to one entire semester of studies (with classes either once a week or once every other week). There are three semesters: Fall (September to December, approx. 13 weeks); Winter/Spring (January to June, approx. 23 weeks); Summer (July and August, approx. 8 weeks). Payment is accepted by e-transfer or cash before the first lesson in one batch, or in two batches (before first lesson, and approximately half way through the semester).

Performance Opportunities

As long as there as 8 or more participants, an in-person recital will be organized in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for an additional fee once per semester. In lieu of an in-person recital, an online recital will be organized.


If our weekly scheduled lesson lands on a holiday (for e.g., if we set up lessons for Mondays and we have an Easter Monday over the term), the total lessons for the session will be adjusted. So if there are 13 weeks in the term, we will have 12 (and the fee will be adjusted to match).

Cancellations & Rescheduling Lessons

If Thomas needs to cancel, a refund for that lesson will be given at the end of the session OR a makeup lesson will be arranged.

If the student cancels within 24 hours notice or is a “no show” to the lesson, no refund or make up lesson is given.

If more than 24 hours notice, make up lessons are offered for up to 3 times per semester. Make up lessons are offered online only.

Family Rates

For in-person lessons, where there are two or more students per household, the first student will be counted as a Travel student, the second will be considered an Online student.

Travel and Online Lesson Rates

Thomas no longer keeps a teaching studio of his own. He sees students every week or every other week. He sees them Online or by Travel (i.e. at the student’s home). He travels to Guelph, Erin, Rockwood, Toronto, Orangeville, Fergus, Elora, Mississauga and Vaughn. Lessons are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes in length. The rates (in CAD dollars) are as follows:

Weekly Travel
$54 per 30 mins
$70 per 45 mins
$85 per 60 mins

Weekly Online
$34 per 30 mins
$50 per 45 mins
$65 per 60 mins

Every-other-week Travel
$57 per 30 mins
$74 per 45 mins
$90 per 60 mins

Every-other-week Online
$37 per 30 mins
$54 per 45 mins
$70 per 60 mins